To you, her feet may be one of the many insignificant parts of her body, yet to another, the is the an initial thing they see when you step into the room. A foot fetishist is someone that gets turned on by the vision of feet. Many human being can’t seem to wrap your heads roughly it, but hey, the body desires what it wants right?

While it’s no only males that experience this form of attraction, that is significantly an ext common among them. The love for feet has got names like foot fetishism or podophilia through psychologists. It is one of the most common and also widely acceptable sex-related fetishes.

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However, civilization have your individual preferences, some favor them smelly, others v heels painted toes or adornments. Currently that we have concerned understand and accept that there room men and women out there who space foot fetishists, let"s discover the factor why this part of the body excites them.


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21 feasible Reasons Why males Like Feet

1. Toenail polish

The sight of a pretty pedicure is a turn-on for part men. A foot fetishist likes to view their partner’s toes painted, and also some may request specific colors. I have actually an ex who would not protect against staring at my feet whenever I placed on red nail polish. It excited him, and people who prefer feet deserve to relate to the feeling.

2. Women have actually pretty toes


Some males are attracted to feet due to the fact that of the function it plays in another fetish of theirs. Because that instance, the shoe and also bondage fetish stated earlier.

20. Feet have the right to tell a person’s hygiene

Scientists believe that human beings naturally desire healthy and balanced partners and also healthy human body parts, including our partners’ feet. Some guys are attractive to feet because they wish to check out well-kept, healthy and balanced toes on their partners.

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21. No reason

Yes, over there won’t constantly be a factor why guys are attracted to feet. For some, it’s simply a component of who they are and what makes lock tick. Some men are naturally attracted to feet and the pleasures of a foot task for no reason.