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The INSIDER Summary:

Jacinda, a 19-year-old Instagram star, recently went viral forcalling out social appropriation withan ingenious meme.

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It contains a collage of a her naturally full lips with message that reads:"When you realize having big lips is a trend however it took you a while come love your herbal ones..."Not only does the meme evaluate a "flaw" she as soon as disliked, the isalso meantto combat stereotypes and help black youngsters cope through racism.Ithas end 123,000 likes on Instagram.If friend scroll with 19-year-old Jacinda"s Instagram account, whereby she has more than 11,000 followers, you"ll check out flawless selfies and outfit appreciations, but interspersed among them are ethical revelations she"s had on her own journey to love every component of herself.

"I love just how now I"m progressively discovering every defect I once disliked and also slowly loving it," she wrote in May.

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Ppl on right here love to test me yet I finish up happen bc ns don"t let your petty commentary get to me. A bitch will proceed to grow and flourish bc she thrives turn off of your negative bullshit.

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