Atmosphere and also Heat Transfer net Quest Directions: click the link over each set questions to discover the answers. Layers the the Atmosphere 1. Name the 5 layers of the atmosphere:Troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and also exosphere(some scientist think about this layer to be part of space) 2. Click on the indigenous “atmosphere” and each great of the environment to fill in the blanks below:a. What space the two key gases uncovered in the atmosphere? 1. Nitrogen 2. Oxygen b. The troposphere is the _lowest_region the the Earth"s atmosphere and is wherein _weather_ occurs. C. The stratosphere includes the __ i beg your pardon absorbs __. Look at the diagram: __ and also __ can fly in the stratosphere. D. As you go greater in the mesosphere, the temperature becomes _cooler_. Scientists execute not understand much about the mesosphere, but they do recognize that _meteors_ burn increase in this layer. e. The thermosphere has a layer of fee particles referred to as the _ions_ i beg your pardon makes communication by __ possible and is residence to the _aurora_ (Northern Lights). This is the great in i m sorry _spaceshuttles_ fly. F. In the exosphere the setting is an extremely _thin_ as it starts to fade into space. 3. Look at the diagram and click “layer names – present It.” list the height span of each layer:a. Troposphere 0-12 kmb. Stratosphere 12-50 kmc. Mesosphere 50-85 kmd. Thermosphere 85-600 km 4. Click “Temperatures – show it”. What happens to the temperature in every layer (does it obtain hotter or colder?)? a. Troposphere cooler b. Stratosphere name is c. Mesosphere name is d. Thermosphere hotter Heat Transfer 5. Conduction is the carry of heat in between _hot and also cold_ 6. Why does the hand need stove mitt in order to choose up the pot from the stove? The hand will be burned without the use of an oven mitt. 7. List four an excellent conductors and also four negative conductors: an excellent Poor 1. _Copper_ 1. _Wood_ 2. _Silver_ 2. _Styrofoam_3. _Iron_ 3. _Paper_ 4. _Steel_ 4. _Air_ 8. Convection is the up and down movement of _gases_ and _liquids_ brought about by warm transfer. 9. What wake up to the air as the stove heats it? the warms, expands and rises. 11. What wake up to the air together it gets farther from the warm source? that cools under 12. Perform four instances of convection: Wind currents, hot air balloon, shortest floor that a building being chillier than the highest possible floor, warm water in ~ the surface ar of a human body of water. 13. Once _electromagnetic waves_ take trip through space it is called radiation. 14. What wake up to the temperature that the house as the sun’s radiant power touches it? The temperature of the house rises. 15. List three instances of radiation: A campfire, irradiate bulb, and also a microwave oven.

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The altocumulus cloud takes an nearly circular or oval shape, sometimes developing rainfall.

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This cloud is colored v gray and white. It is in the tool cloud category, through a elevation of 2,000 meter to 7,000 meters.