Do you desire to hide Taskbar top top multiple screens in home windows 10 to store your second monitor uncluttered?

The taskbar is among the most advantageous features of Windows. It maximizes your performance by displaying a list of to run applications, open windows, and tasks therefore you deserve to switch between them quickly.

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However, there can be situations where you would want to hide the Taskbar from her screen. Because that instance, once you have actually multiple monitors associated to her computer, and you want to maximize the available space on among them.

Luckily, Windows allows you to do so and if girlfriend are analysis this ideal now, it is fair to assume the you are trying to find ways come hide Taskbar on multiple displays in windows as well.

Fortunately, you space in the ideal place since we will show the procedures to hide a taskbar top top multiple home windows in this guide in detail.

Let’s obtain started.

1. Use Windows Settings.

If you want to hide the taskbar ~ above multiple screens in windows 10, the easiest way to execute so is via windows Settings.

Windows Settings has a certain taskbar feature that deserve to be enabled and disabled follow to your preferences.

Here is all the you need to do:

Press Windows + I keys together on your key-board to launch the Settings window.Click top top Personalization and choose Taskbar from the left panel.In the Taskbar window, scroll under to locate the Multiple displays option.Toggle turn off the Show taskbar on all displays option.

That’s it. This must hide the taskbar ~ above multiple displays in windows 10.

2. Use group Policy Editor.

Group policy is an administrative-level feature that allows progressed users come make changes in their operating mechanism according to your preferences.

If Windows setups did not help you carry out the wanted task, then try using team Policy Editor instead. However, us recommend being an extremely careful if performing the procedures mentioned listed below as even a boy error can reason serious worries within your operating system.

Here is what you should do:

Open a Run dialogue crate by pressing Windows + R keys simultaneously.Type ‘gpedit.msc‘ in the text field of the dialogue box and also hit Enter. Law so will certainly launch the group Policy Editor.Inside the newly launched window, navigate to the place mentioned below.

User Configuration governmental Templates begin Menu and also TaskbarIn the appropriate pane, situate Do not allow taskbars on much more than one display and also double-click on it.


Now select Enabled and click on Apply to conserve the changes.Finally, check if doing for this reason hid the taskbar on multiple display screens in windows 10.Hopefully, making changes in the team Policy Editor will assist you carry out the preferred function.

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4. Use Windows Registry.

Like the team Policy Editor, windows Registry too enables the users to control their operating device according to your requirements.

If you discovered the method of hiding the taskbar via team Policy Editor difficult, then try doing the via home windows Registry. Info in home windows Registry is save on computer in the form of registry keys and also in this method, we will certainly be editing and enhancing the relevant secrets to do the preferred changes.

Here is what you have to do:

Open a Run dialogue crate by pressing Windows + R keys simultaneously.Type ‘regedit‘ in the text ar of the conversation box and hit Enter. Act so will launch home windows Registry.Inside the it is registered window, navigate come the place mentioned below.

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HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoftWindowsExplorerIf girlfriend cannot locate the Explorer key, right-click top top the Windows key and select the New > Key option.Rename this key as Explorer.Now right-click all over in the right pane and also choose the New > DWORD (32-bit) value option. Name this newly developed value together TaskbarNoMultimon.Double click TaskbarNoMultimon and under value data, kind 1


As simple as that!

If you desire to enable this feature in the future, simply follow the steps mentioned above again and also in the 8 hours step, kind 0.

This wraps up our guide on hiding taskbar on multiple screens in home windows 10. We tried wade you v all the procedures in detail and also hope that among the methods did the trick for you. In situation you have any kind of questions concerning the troubleshooting methods, you re welcome let us know in the comment section below.