with the variety of bombs in The Witcher 3, it have the right to be confusing come learn just how to usage them all. Here"s just how to use each kind!

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moon dust, grapeshot, to dance star, and also devil's puffball.
There space 9 various kinds the bombs uncovered in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, every one of which have various applications and also advantages. Some are meant to deal direct damage in a variety of instances while others room intended for an ext specific usages. Every main type can be upgraded twice with diagrams the Geralt can find throughout the food of his adventures to prolong the size of their effects and increase your potency.

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gift able to have actually two equipped at the very same time also allows players to combine the effects of part for even much more devastating offenses. As soon as paired through a witcher"s miracle signs and also swordplay, bombs offer countless different tactics that the White Wolf can unleash top top adversaries because that untold combinations to corrode, cremate, or otherwise overcome monsters and humanoid foes alike.

10 cultivate Bomb

player learning how to usage bombs in the tutorial.
together the very an initial bomb the the player encounters, the cultivate Bomb is specifically meant to teach new witchers exactly how to aim and deliver your explosive tools. The releases a small puff that grey smoke once impacting the floor or the cultivate post, despite does not do any damage, thankfully. If that did, players can potentially damage their other witchers or destroy an important property in Geralt"s home: the place of the college of the Wolf, Kaer Morhen.

As one of the bombs that can be provided to destroy monster nests, Samum and its upgraded develops can always be useful, though it pales in comparison to most others when fighting actual monsters as there aren"t really any type of that are an especially weak come its effects. However, that is appropriate to use against human and also nonhuman enemies due to them being really susceptible to techniques that target the senses. Samum is intended to stun many foes in ~ once, granting Geralt the capability to crowd-control a large group. This enables the player to emphasis on taking down a couple of targets while the others space dazed. In this manner, it acts a bit like an area-of-effect Aard sign.

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In addition to having prolonged duration of effects, choose all bomb upgrades, magnified Samum now allows this bomb deal damages as well. This middle upgrade deals 600 hundred physical and also 600 silver damages to those captured in the blast, despite be wary, together Geralt deserve to be affected by this bomb"s impacts as well. He won"t be stunned or immobilized, however, he"ll simply be can not to lock top top foes properly. The exceptional version of this explosive now guarantees a crucial strike upon adversaries under its impacts for a an excellent way to decimate enemy health bars.

cloud that silver about geralt and a lesser vampire.
Moon Dust does no do straight damage, and also as together is sometimes ignored through players, despite it have the right to still be immensely advantageous in battle. Those hunting specifically wily foes that can shapeshift or teleport must consider adding this to your quick-use bomb slots. Together one would suppose from its name, this explosive erupts come cover the area in a cloud of good dust made from silver.

all versions the Moon Dust perform greatly the very same in state of impacts with the amplified upgrade only expanding the duration. The exceptional version, however, permanently stop a monster from transforming. One type of foe that have the right to be beat much simpler with this cloud of silver is the Katakan, which deserve to sometimes rotate invisible, making it an extremely tricky to land access time on. Moon Dust will stop this vampiric fiend native doing so, letting Geralt reduced it to ribbons. In addition, players deserve to prevent Leshens from dissipating into their smoke type by making use of the same method.

geralt utilizing an ice cream bomb.
Here"s an additional bomb the cannot do direct damage, though it opens opponents up to being significantly more hurt by Geralt"s sword attacks. North Wind freezes targets in their tracks, letting the player dish out hits guarantee to execute bonus damages on them. In ~ the superior upgrade, one can even shatter frozen foes for instant kills that can considerably alleviate concerns if one is being surrounding by plenty of foes.

Nekkers room a form of monster the performs such assaults, intended to overwhelm your prey with sheer numbers. They deserve to be stroked nerves to address as they space much quicker than various other Ogroid-type foes, though tossing down a northern Wind can immobilize plenty of of lock long enough for Geralt come make brief work that their entirety posse.

many players would claim that Grapeshot, and its upgraded forms, room their favourite bomb as it is the most basic and straightforward to use. The acts as with a grenade; players throw it and watch everything it hits come to be engulfed in a radiant explosion. That is the many versatile of every the bombs found in the game and does reliable damage versus pretty lot every physics threat, although can be surpassed in efficiency against specific monsters by much more specific fight strategies the pertain to niche weaknesses.

The base kind deals 350 physical and also silver damage (along with 5 fire), the enhanced version walk 600 physical and also silver damage (with 10 fire), and the remarkable Grapehshot bomb unleashes a destructive 900 points of damages of the physical and silver variety in enhancement to skipping the armor of adversaries. The latter is a prime an option against tough-scaled or metal-clad foes. Together a kind of bomb that deserve to clear the end a monster nest, it have the right to be handy because that exterminations, though it is recommended to cave onto these precious explosives and use a Samum bomb top top said swarms instead.

one more player favourite is the dancing Star bomb for it is also very much prefer a continual grenade, though it transaction pure fire damages to targets. Together such, it is immensely helpful in a great variety of cases as fire damages is among the most powerful damage varieties in the whole game. Not only are humans and nonhumans severely affected by flames however most monsters room as well. The only foes that deserve to shrug turn off such scorching strategies room those do from burning material, like Fire Elementals.

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at the shortest tier, straightforward Dancing Star bombs deal 100 fire damage, the amplified version walk 200 with the flames persisting for longer, and also the exceptional upgrade does the exact same at even greater potential while upping the damage to 300 as well as setting the adjacent landscape aflame. As a an excellent rule of thumb to save in mind, monsters weak to the Igni magical sign are equally at risk to this bomb"s damage and also effects. The can also immolate monster nests as well.

This blast of green power is a witcher"s ideal friend versus enemies that use a the majority of magical attacks. Dimeritium bombs relax a cloud the gas that does no damage but can block a monster"s non-physical strikes for 15 seconds at that is base kind while law so because that 30 secs in its amplified and premium versions. The latter additionally causes the results to linger also after the cloud dissipates.

One kind of enemy that this is an extremely helpful against are elementals. These huge brutes the magical power have two main kinds of attacks: slow, physical attacks and also wide, magic ones. The previous are exceptionally easy to avoid, specifically if one has actually a Quen shield caused so that just leaves the magical ones to deal with. However, through a Dimeritium bomb, these magical attacks cannot it is in used, rendering elemental foes virtually helpless against a witcher.

unequal Dancing Star, the various other bomb the deals pure fire damage, Dragon"s Dream go not automatically produce extreme flames. Instead, it produces extremely flammable gas when it makes call with a target or part of the environment after the is thrown. It will always need a resource of fire to be ignited, despite those room easy sufficient to find. Players deserve to use the Igni magical authorize as the simplest means to set off the energetic reaction, despite pairing a Dragon"s Dream with Dancing Star is a great way to incorporate the effects and damage the both for one of the most deadly combinations in the game.

The lowest kind of Dragon"s Dream lets its gas cloud last because that 15 seconds for a chance to transaction 300 fire damage. Next, the enhanced version lingers for 30 secs with a chance to unleash 400 fire damage. Finally, the remarkable version has a cloud of fumes and an explosion that have the exact same stats as the Enhanced type but also has a opportunity to set targets on fire while in addition causing adversaries that die by that is flames to themselves explode, triggering a chain reaction that further hurts adjacent foes.

out of every the bombs, Devil"s Puffball is the only one the does poison damage. That has little effect on incorporeal foes, though can be an extremely helpful at dealing damages to enemies with a many of health and wellness as that does damage over time rather of creating an immediate effect. At the basic form, the toxicity clouds critical for simply 10 seconds, do it one of the bombs with the shortest duration of effects. Thankfully, its amplified version big much longer at 30 seconds with the exceptional version getting only a slight bang to 33 seconds. Because of this odd and also even rise in duration, it might not be worth upgrading Devil"s puffball previous the amplified version.

Every rank of this bomb deals the exact same amount of damages per second as well, more strengthening the reasoning behind no wasting resources to gain it to the exceptional level. With 100 damages per second, that can drainpipe a foe"s health properly enough to offer Geralt an simpler time taking them down. These noxious fumes are specifically useful against Relict monsters like Chorts and also Fiends and also Vampires choose Ekimmaras and also Katakans. The should additionally be discussed that it is incredibly valuable when fighting Werewolves, together it counters their rapid wellness regeneration, essentially canceling it out for a duration of time.

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In enhancement to all of the real bombs the one deserve to use in the game, there space a few unused people that have been coded into The Witcher 3"s files, though to be never applied for one factor or another. The one many known about is the Pheromone Bomb that players can add right into their inventory with console commands on computer versions that the game, though it doesn"t do anything. Others that have been found by devoted data divers room the Alkaline, Funghi, Glue, Salt, Shrapnel, and also Virus bombs.

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