Suggested level: 22

Group: Witcher Contracts

Location: Velen

You can start this search by recognize the "Contract: lacking Soldiers" notice posted on the Oreton an alert Board or by visiting the Byways village.

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A Nilfgaardian patrol had gone absent near the village of Byways. Geralt took an attention in the matter, for the regional Nilfgaardian commander doubt a monster was involved and Geralt knew royal soldiers were constantly upfront and also honest once it pertained to pay.

... Or, if the village was discovered first:

While traveling across Velen, Geralt happened throughout a town which seemed to have actually been abandoned. The ghouls lurking amidst the huts offered him a bad feeling about its former inhabitants" fate, for this reason the witcher determined to death the monsters and also investigate what had happened.

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Quest stages that Contract: The an enig of the Byways Murders

1. Speak to the command of the Nilfgaardian patrol.

Go and talk come the commander of the Nilfgaardian patrol - Milan Noran. You can haggle v him - 260+ crowns.

2. Discover out what taken place in Byways. / address the ghouls prowling the village.

Head to the Byways village. It"s overrun by ghouls (23), death them all.

3. Find the making it through villagers.

When you eliminate the monsters, 2 survivors, Bytomir and another peasant, will come out of among the huts after a while. Geralt will ask them around what happened right here and an alert that they are hiding something.

You"ll have actually a an option of how to reaction to the reality that they"re hiding something from you.

It"s my job. - This option will be available if you"ve speak to the Nilfgaardian commander before.I"m nosy. Very. - This choice will always be obtainable and seems to it is in the best due to the fact that after picking it and also killing the beast, the villagers will pertained to the conclusion the they should pay you because that it.So be it. - girlfriend won"t walk on around it, and you deserve to only go back to the Nilfgaardian command to educate him the the fate of his soldiers.

4. Explore the village using her Witcher Senses.

If you decided to discover out what"s going on in the village. Climate you must examine the bodies of 2 soldiers.

5. Monitor the scent of blood making use of your Witcher Senses.

Follow the odor to the locked hut situated in the northwestern paart that the village. Then one of the villagers, Bytomir, will come to you and shot to convince you no to walk inside. At some point you will persuade him to tell girlfriend what is inside and also give girlfriend the key.

Geralt uncovered that regional villagers had chose to do a couple of extra crowns by digging in an old elven mine. Because the old underground facility hid its fair share of uncomfortable surprises, that wasn"t long prior to they ran into trouble.

The self-taught endowment hunters had actually awakened a an especially nasty sort of vampire recognized as one ekimmara, and also this tease beast had struck the Nilfgaardian patrol together it passed through Byways. Geralt made decision to eradicate the beast and also tracked it to the ruins exterior the village.

6. Discover the tunnels under Byways utilizing your Witcher Senses.

Go right into the house and examine a piece of fur you"ll discover there, and also then Geralt will come to the conclusion that he has to deal with ekimmara. Or merely remove the planks extending the cave entrance, go inside and also search the cave.

7. Find and kill the ekimmara. / take a trophy indigenous the ekimmara.

When you enter the biggest cave, friend will face Sarasti. Kill the beast and also take the Ekimmara trophy (5% Bonus suffer from monsters). In the corpse you will certainly aso find the relic steel sword - Bloed Aedd.

8. Talk to Bytomir.

Go back to the villagers and also tell castle you killed the monster. If friend haven"t said them before that someone is payment you to carry out a contract, then they will pay girlfriend 210 crowns, 25XP.

The villagers were thankful to the witcher for his aid in slaying the ekimmara, so lot so they even agreed to salary Geralt a reward.

Otherwise they will assume the if someone rental you, they do not have actually to offer you anything.

When the ekimmara had been defeated, the villagers the Byways did not prove very grateful. With long years of witchering experience under his belt, Geralt did not find this very surprising.

9. Speak to the command of the Nilfgaardian patrol. / Report ago to the Nilfgaardian patrol commander.

Return come Milan and also inform him about the fate of his soldiers. The quantity of money girlfriend will receive from that will rely on even if it is you have talked come him before and also whether you have haggled.

If you"ve speak to the Nilfgaardian command before:

The Nilfgaardian soldiers showed themselves honorable men and also paid the witcher without a murmur, handing him not just what he was owed for killing the ekimmara, but additionally a reward for having found the truth of what had happened to their missing patrol.

If you discovered the village first:

Geralt told the Nilfgaardian commander what had actually happened come the missing patrol and also received his reward. The commander lugged no dishonor to his uniform and paid in full, without haggling or backpedalling.

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