You have the right to start turn off by completing the second to critical Townsperson pursuit you have to have.

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Townsperson quest - acquisition Trouble by the Horns

Defeat 6 Minotaurs in the big Bridge.Reward: Abyss Seed

You pick this increase from the guy in the key Plaza of Tometown. You"ll discover the Minotaurs in the first area in the large Bridge. The Abyss particle is worth using on one of the more consistent Mirages friend use. It gives you accessibility to a Dark Magic spell and can carry out a fair little of damage.

The Pleaid

When you"re back in control, you"ll be in Balamb Garden. Go and talk come Wyn/Hauyn ~ above the deck. Then head to Nine timber Hills and also speak come Serafie. Ensure the you get every one of the rumours from her. Serafie will likewise be in ~ the level the Tama was at. Yet I never really offered Serafie, so it didn"t make much distinction to me.

You"ll currently be tasked with obtaining the Pleiad, which room seven an effective Mirages. This Mirages are:


You have to have obtained Ifrit, Shiva, and Ramuh from the Coliseum by now. Yet if girlfriend haven"t, go and also get Ifrit and Shiva native the struggle The Nebula Nitwits, and also then perform a couple more fights to face Ramuh. To get the remaining four Mirages, you"ll need to finish the adhering to Intervention Quests.

The Demon Dyad Revealed

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Unlock Conditions: with the postscript.Objective: Restrain BahamutDifficulty: 5 Stars perfect Rewards:Initial: Bahamut prismarium, Girl"s Diary entry 7, 2 x Phoenix PinionSubsequent search Attempts: 2 x Phoenix Down

For this fight, you want to set it increase so that both of her stacks deserve to use irradiate Magic. It"s also a an excellent idea to have actually an XL Mirage in her party. Ns went with Behemonster as he was an effective enough, and also using the Revenge Blast capability meant I could do some hefty damages to Bahamut★. As soon as there"s a countdown indigenous 5, Bahamut will use Megaflare as soon as it it s okay to 0. Make certain your stacks are completely healed as - if it"s slim - there is a possibility of survival. As soon as you win this fight, you"ll have the ability to have Bahamut in her party. This is precious doing since if friend level him up enough, his Megaflare ability is incredibly powerful. You"ll use it in together a means that you"ll want him to have exceptionally low health and 2 AP. This will certainly make his Megaflare strike incredibly powerful and will make acquiring through the last game contents a lot easier.

When the previous Still Haunts

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Unlock Conditions: with the postscript.Objective: loss the demon in Balamb GardenDifficulty: 5 Stars perfect Rewards:Initial: Diabolos Memento, Diabolos prismarium, Girl"s Diary entrance 8, 2 x RemedySubsequent quest Attempts: 2 x Pick-Me-Up
Diabolos 2 LightUnimprismable

Another adversary that is weak come Light, therefore make certain you have Banishra available. If you deserve to team Banishra with Faith, you"ll be able to take under Diabolos★ extremely easily. If he inflicts status ailments on you, simply cure them. He might use his Gravija attack on you, and also if the does, usage a couple of X-Potions for health. Girlfriend can constantly summon Behemonster if you"re struggling. I in reality did since I couldn"t be bothered through this fight, and managed to end it by using him. Beating Diabolos will permit you to have actually him in your party. While Gravija is a great attack, it provides a many AP so it have the right to only be provided once. He"s also quite weak, therefore in the finish I didn"t really bother.

Ancestral Acrimony

*** Spoiler - click to disclose ***

Unlock Conditions: with the postscript.Objective: Avenge your ancestorsDifficulty: 5 Stars perfect Rewards:Initial: Leviathan Memento, Leviathan prismarium, Girl"s Diary entry 9, 2 x Hi-PotionSubsequent pursuit Attempts: 2 x Potion
Leviathan★Thunder, Light, DarkUnimprismable

I personally entered this fight through a solid Zapt+Ramuh★ mix and - linked with using belief - controlled to take down Leviathan without too much trouble. I simply made certain my other stack (Ponini+Holy Dragon) could inflict some damages when possible, and keep mine thunder stack"s AP high enough to spam Thundara over and over. Leviathan★ isn"t an incredibly advantageous XL stack, and also after obtaining him ns didn"t use him.

A Clash of Swords

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Unlock Conditions: with the postscript.Objective: avoid the butcherDifficulty: 5 StarsCompletion Rewards:Initial: Odin Memento, Odin prismarium, Girl"s Diary entry 10, 2 x Hi-EtherSubsequent search Attempts: 2 x Ether

Keep the same collection up for Leviathan★, and this fight will go finish without too lot difficulty. Thundara+Faith will be your ideal offense. Just keep yourself healed, as his Gungnir assault is extremely powerful.

For obtaining all 7 of the Mirages and also therefore perfect the Pleaid, you"ll unlock:

The Dyad’s ServantsBrought all seven of the Pleiad ago in line.


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There will certainly be more Intervention pursuits that"ll begin unlocking together you finish this end game content. For completing A Clash that Swords, and also having Ramuh★ imprismed, you"ll be able to complete the treatment Quest Cold, hard Justice.

Vestiges the Life

Baby PaleberryFire, Dark, Confuse, DeathUse physics attacks
BabyhemothDark, BerserkUse physics attacks
Babyhemoth StackBaby Paleberry, BabyhemothFire, Dark, Confuse, DeathN/A
Babyhemoth stack 2Quachoacho, BabyhemothFire, Dark, Poison, Confuse, DeathN/A
Babyhemoth stack 3White Nakk, BabyhemothFire, Dark, Confuse, BerserkN/A
DeathskullFire, Wind, Light, Confuse, Sleep, Oblivion, SlowInflict oblivion
Ice BatFire, Light, ConfuseInflict blindness
Left ClawFire, Thunder, Wind, Light, Blind, OblivionReduce HP
Left nipper StackIce Bat, Deathskull, Left ClawFire, Thunder, Wind, Light, Sleep, Oblivion, SlowN/A
QuachachoFire, Dark, Poison, ConfuseRestore HP
Right ClawIce, Water, Earth, Dark, Oblivion, BerserkReduce HP
Right claw StackIce Bat, Deathskull, best ClawFire, Water, Light, Confuse, Sleep, SlowN/A
White NakkFire, ConfuseUse ice attacks

The following thing you must do is to walk to Plaza 9 and also speak v Serafie. After ~ that, walk to The Girl"s Tearoom and she"ll tell you come hunt down a Kyubi. Then go to Sherlotta"s Solace in the Ice an ar and speak to her. Climate head come Icicle Ridge to satisfy up v Refia. She will reveal a new path because that you. After ~ the cutscene, head down into the area, and follow the path. It"s a linear path, with Kyubi in ~ the end. Kyubi isn"t too daunting to defeat, so simply keep hitting it with -ara Spells and also Attacks. It"ll go down in no time. After one more cutscene, you"ll obtain Kyubi"s Souls.

Final Cleanup

Then head earlier to Nine hardwood Hills and go to The Girl"s Tearoom. ~ a cutscene, you"ll have Tama back, and also Serafie will certainly tell you the you can start the final Sequence. For now, choose No. This is since you have so much an ext to do. Begin by opening the Adventure Log, and also claiming the reward because that the Vestiges that Life from the Miniventures Tab. This will give you the Tamamohimé Memento and Kyubi Memento. This will allow you come transfig Tama and Yurugu respectively.

If necessary, spend some time to level Tama up, climate transfigure her. Then add Tamamohimé to her party for

Nine LivesAdded Tamamohimé to your roster.


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People PleaserFulfilled the inquiry of every critical townsperson in need.


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The Level up Grind

Now prior to moving on, you"re going to go around leveling increase to about 60. The best place to carry out this is in the area the the Icicle Ridge wherein you battled Kyubi. Every you have to do is equip the attract Mirajewel (which you should have from opened the correct chest in The Phantom Sands), and also then run about near the conserve Point. I discovered that I might do a pair of fights, and also then go to the Save suggest to heal up, and then repeat. I"d recommend having the Behemonster in her party so he can obtain some levels.

I likewise used this time to go about maxing out several of the less complicated Mirage Boards, while working on ensuring mine stacks to be at a an excellent level, and also their Mirage Boards were mastered. I finished up staying right here until the stacks I wanted to use for the last fight were roughly Level 65, and my Behemonster to be level 60.

Final Mop Up

Now it"s time to finish all remaining intervention Quests. You do not have to do A Bridge"s Woes, yet I finished up doing it to be on the save side. Every one of the information around the treatment Quests room on the web page for them. The ones that will be considered brand-new at this suggest are:

A Smidge the Micro-Envy

You won"t have the ability to get the True ending until you have actually completed every the above, and every one of the intervention Quests, not included A Bridge"s Woes, i m sorry doesn"t should be done. (I completed it simply to be on the safe side.)

Operation Salvation

before proceeding on, make certain to share up on X-Potions and Hi-Ethers from Chocolatte. I"d recommend, for Mirajewel slots, placing Banishra on Lann and also Watera on Reynn If you have an Abyss seed (this isn"t currently on one of your Mirages), stick that on one of Mirages too (preferably in Reynn"s stack, though ns hadn"t done that). The staying Mirajewel slots, for both Reynn and also Lann to be filled with condition enhancements. The an ext powerful Magic stack gained a Magic++ Mirajewel, together with an Agility+ one. The other stack had actually an Agility+ Mirajewel as well, along with the HP+++ Mirajewel. This aren"t required to have, yet if girlfriend can an increase stats for your stacks, I"d introduce doing so. If you have a stand up to Confusion Mirajewel, equip that on Lann, and add a Haste Mirajewel top top Reynn. An additional Mirajewel worth having is Reflect. Again, this is just a suggestion, together my stacks from here on the end were:

Reynn + Ponini + holy DragonLann + Zapt + Ramuh★I additionally had Behemonster in reserve

And my proposal are based on those stacks. Ns recommend looking in ~ the stats of her stacks and also seeing whereby you can minimise weaknesses, and also what you have the right to use to manipulate enemy weaknesses.

When you think you"re prepared for the final bit the the Postscript, conserve your game, speak to Serafie in Plaza 99, and select Yes once prompted.

Exnine BahamutNoneUnimprismable
Exnine Bahamut 2NoneUnimprismable
The Plumed Knight/PellinoreWater, DarkUnimprismable

After part cutscene, Lann will certainly be fighting Segwarides. Segwarides has a move called Disaster which deserve to inflict Confuse and also Doom. Therefore if that happens, use a Remedy+ to remove Doom. Friend should have a couple of Haste Stones in your inventory (if not, don"t worry), so usage one, and also then store using Banishra on Segwarides, using Hi-Ethers to peak up your AP as soon as needed.

After the fight, Reynn will be up versus The Plumed Knight. Usage Haste, Watera, and also Hi-Ethers to store yourself topped up. Climate after a pair of cutscenes, both Lann and also Reynn will certainly be up versus The Plumed Knight, aka Pellinore. Keep hitting her v Watera and Abyss, utilizing Haste to get much more attacks in, and also Hi-Ethers and X-Potions to keep yourselves alive.

After yet an additional cutscene, Brandelis (Exnine Bahamut) will arrive. In his very first form, you"ll have actually to attend to a pair of attacks, however the most an effective are Arcarmament 1-4-6, which deserve to do a many damage. For me, in this fight, I finished up putting Haste top top both stacks, adhered to by Reflect, and then provided one stack to assault Brandelis, and also the other stack as support. This method I didn"t need to eat right into my list of things like Megalixirs and Mega-Phoenixes, which space really required for the article Game content.

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Continue to fight him, and before you understand it, he will be in his final form. Now, you want to store track of which elemental magic he offers - together you"re walk to use a pair of Spellstones near the finish of this fight. You want to keep track, due to the fact that as Brandelis provides elemental magic, he will certainly be immune to the element. Eventually, that will begin a countdown. What you now want to carry out is use any type of Spellstones/elemental Magic that is not the same facet as his critical magic strike (excluding Dark) e.g. If his last assault was Firaga, perform not use Fire items/magic. This is due to the fact that he"ll be -200 stand up to on various other elements. You could also summon Behemonster if girlfriend wish, but by the time I saw how weak he was to Thunder magic (for me), I basically hounded Brandelis with Thundara from my Lann stack (at lock were extremely powerful).

Eventually, you will defeat him. And also you"ll get to sit with all the cutscenes and credits again! You"ll then unlock: