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The roster for WWE 2K19 continues to flourish with the release of the Titans Pack. This pack contains four wrestlers: Bobby Lashley, EC3 and the tag-team battle Raiders. The Titans pack is now available to download because that PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Bobby Lashley, EC3 and the war Raiders are currently playable in WWE 2K19 with the Titans pack DLC2KAlong with the new wrestlers, there room four new Towers for players come tackle. Each Tower includes a unique difficulty for the new Superstars, and also completing a Tower rakes in the in-game currency. The 4 Towers are as follows:

In Lashley Dominates, play together Bobby Lashley to overcome each opponent, beginning with Sami Zayn.In the optimal 1% Tower, play together EC3 and prove you"re born and also bred for success and also fame by defeating all 5 opponents, consisting of Sting.In Rowe"s Raid, beat as war Raider Rowe come raze the opposition and claim victory versus all five opponents, consisting of Montez Ford.In Hanson"s War, beat as battle Raider Hanson and also conquer all five opponents, consisting of Angelo Dawkins, to emerge triumphant.

The Titans fill is accessible for $9.99 (or the price of a month that the WWE Network). That is likewise included in the WWE 2K19 Season Pass.

Additional DLC because that WWE 2K19 has already been confirmed, yet 2K has actually not noted official release dates yet. The comes DLC packs encompass the "New move Pack" which, as its surname suggests, adds even more maneuvers to traction off. Additionally, the "Rising Stars Pack" has additionally been revealed. This fill includes new Superstars like Ricochet, Lacey Evans, Candice LeRae, Dakota Kai, Lio Rush, Maria Kanellis, and Mike Kanellis. The 2 DLC packs are expected to delivery in late 2018 and also early 2019.

Both the new Moves Pack and also Rising Stars pack are had in the WWE 2K19 Season Pass, or are available separately. The new Moves pack will expense $3.99 when obtainable and the increasing Stars load will price $9.99.

WWE 2K19 is available now top top PS4, Xbox One and PC. If friend haven"t to buy a copy yet, host off till the finish of the week. WWE 2K19 will certainly be discounted at many retailers as a component of black Friday 2018.

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So what perform you think? space you excited come play as Bobby Lashley, EC3 or the war Raiders? go you capture the war Raiders in action this previous weekend at NXT Takeover: War games 2? permit us recognize your think in the comments section below.