Goldberg went back to resolve his global Championship match with Kevin Owens, roman Reigns and also Braun Strowman signed the contract for your colossal collision in ~ WWE Fastlane Sunday night and also Seth Rollins confronted Triple H on a newsworthy Feb. 27 illustration of Raw.

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Beyond those three major angles, though, was a disappointing broadcast the failed come maximize that minutes, many thanks to questionable squash matches and also meaningless bouts.

Little was completed in terms of structure an intriguing match card because that Fastlane, v WWE rather relying heavily on the height feuds on life to carry the final broadcast prior to Sunday"s spectacular.

How did the matches great out, and why go they get the reasonably low marks they did?

Take a look through this to exclude, recap that Monday"s Raw.

Goldberg Promo
1 that 11

Just days prior to a WWE universal Championship complement with Kevin Owens in ~ Fastlane, Goldberg kicked off this week"s broadcast.

He claimed he never makes guarantees he can not keep and also then proceeded to promise his friends, family and also fans the he will take the location from Owens Sunday night.

Owens appeared and wasted little time running down the wide range of talent he has beaten over his two years v WWE. From AJ formats to roman Reigns, he has actually beaten everyone, and he vowed to add Goldberg come the list.

Goldberg, having mocked the speech v a golf clap, stated the promo pissed the off. The tried to get Owens come fight Monday night, but the champion backed down, unwilling to offer the pan of green Bay, Wisconsin, a match of the magnitude.

He dropped the mic and headed come the back.




The trouble with this promo, much like the develop to the match, to be Owens" absence of credibility. Not once in the build to the bout has he ever felt prefer a guy capable of beating Goldberg. The feels favor a document champion destined to accomplish the very same fate Brock Lesnar did critical November.

Nothing more, nothing less.

No strong promo job-related or resume of win will adjust that.

At this point, it will be a surprise if Owens maintain his location Sunday night.

The new Day cut a pre-match promo the featured the obligatory Oscars flub joke.

A straightforward tag complement ensued, with Xavier Woods finding himself isolated from huge E. The hot tag to be made late, and the former powerlifter exploded into the ring.

As the action broke down, Kofi Kingston and also Lana argued at ringside, grabbing the attention of Rusev. From there, Jinder Mahal came to be distracted, and Woods score the pinfall victory off a roll-up.


The new Day beat Jinder Mahal and also Rusev.




The Oscars hoax sucked. Luckily, the in-ring activity redeemed The new Day, also if the plot still feels as insignificant together ever.

The post-match enraged of dissension amongst Rusev and also Mahal go nothing to accumulate interest in a match between the two, particularly given how ice-cold their characters are.

Overall, it was a meaningless complement that go nothing to help anyone involved. 

Akira Tozawa continued his superior streak of victories this week as he squared off with Noam Dar in a enhance that was never ever in doubt.

Tozawa executed a suicide dive that allowed him come fight ago into the match, and then the hit his snap German suplex for the pinfall victory.

After the match, The Brian Kendrick struck Tozawa and also said, "I hope you"re learning your lessons."


Akira Tozawa defeated Noam Dar.




It is a an excellent thing Dar is together entertaining together he is due to the fact that his legitimacy is shot. He seldom wins and is as identified by his partnership with Alicia Fox as anything in ~ this point. He is a joke, no matter how skilled a worker he is.

Tozawa is a nice burst of power for the cruiserweight division, and he should play a significant role in its future, however the feud v Kendrick is rather uninteresting.

Prior come a booked tag team complement pitting Bayley and also Sasha Banks against Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax, The Queen related Bayley come other remarkable one-hit wonders, including eco-friendly Bay Packers quarterbacks Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers.

Bayley correctly discussed that, for a one-hit wonder, she has beaten Flair 3 times.

Flair vowed come crush Bayley"s dreams at Fastlane.

The heels isolated financial institutions once the complement started, using size and strength to overwhelm The Boss. She fought ago into the match and also made the warm tag to Bayley, who exploded right into the squared circle. She would provide her signature offense yet later discovered herself at risk at the feet the Jax.

The largest challenger in the enhance caught financial institutions flying in the air and slammed her onto Bayley. The huge leg drop scored the success for the heels.


Nia Jax and also Charlotte Flair beat Bayley and also Sasha Banks.




It to be nice to check out Bayley spar v Flair come the degree she did and make the clues she did. At any time the babyface have the right to stand as much as a heel like that, the helps her credibility.

The enhance was much from dynamic and did not break the mold once it pertained to its layout, but the women worked hard, and Jax continued to stake her insurance claim to a raw Women"s Championship match, many thanks to her victory.

It was an effective dispute that continued the march towards a deadly 4-Way complement at WrestleMania.

Just days prior to teaming v Karl Anderson to defend the tags team title at Fastlane, Luke Gallows fought one-half of the No. 1 contenders, big Cass, who was accompanied to the ring by companion Enzo Amore.

In a sprint of a match, Cass demonstrated his superiority as a singles competitor, to run Gallows over with a fallaway slam, the empire Elbow and a huge boot because that the win. 


Big Cass defeated Luke Gallows.




Remember the time Anderson and also Gallows winner the tag team titles and also felt favor an act ultimately finding that is groove?

If two right embarrassing showings in handicap matches versus Roman Reigns were not bad enough, Gallows to be summarily obliterated through Cass. It was a poor way to act the champions of the tag department and an even worse way to sell the upcoming tag location match.

Nothing Gallows and also Anderson have done with the titles has actually been enough to define taking the gold away from Sheamus and also Cesaro.

In fact, it makes that decision look even worse in hindsight.

Just in case you forgot Titus O"Neil is the jobbiest that jobbers, the squared off against Sheamus in a enhance that it s long 19 secs Monday night.

The former Prime Time Player attacked before the bell and also hammered far at The Celtic Warrior. Moments later, he was greeted through the big boot of a Brogue Kick and beaten in humiliating fashion.


Sheamus defeated Titus O"Neil.




What a rubbish of tv time.

Sure, it was around two minutes in all, yet that is 2 minutes that might have been specialized to a video package hyping the unstoppable force that is Braun Strowman or a match that made knife Anderson and Luke Gallows watch slightly far better than the jokes lock came across as previously in the night.

O"Neil is dead in the water at this point, if Sheamus inexplicably needed a win here to strengthen that nonexistent singles career of his.

Seth Rollins do his go back to Raw Monday night and also discussed the knee injury the is threatening his point out on the WrestleMania card versus Triple H.

Rollins wondered about whether that was some karma-like pressure that resulted in the injury, as if he to be being paid ago for selling out come The Authority and winning the WWE world Heavyweight Championship in ~ WrestleMania 31. He said he should have known better and argued he will not be able to compete in ~ The Showcase the the Immortals.

Triple H, alongside Samoa Joe, interrupted.

The video game took credit transaction for making Rollins champion but now looks in ~ a washed-up Superstar that is a covering of the man he created.

He warned Rollins that, if he confirmed up at WrestleMania, it would be the last point The Architect did within a WWE ring.

"And if that is the last thing I ever do, I deserve to promise girlfriend it is the critical thing you"ll ever do," Rollins responded.

The King of queens headed up the ramp v Joe come close the end the segment.




Rollins proved remorse for his actions of 2 years ago, questioning even if it is he made the best decision by aligning himself with The authority in the an initial place.

That is the epitome of character development and breakthrough the likes of i beg your pardon WWE is not well-known for. He came across as likable here, recognizing what he has actually done wrong and aiming to solve it.

Triple H was good as the condescending villain, threatening Rollins in the process.

While it will certainly not it is in the highest-profile enhance on the card, perform not be surprised if that steals the display should it in reality occur. 

The final hype because that the cruiserweight location match between Neville and Jack Gallagher to be relegated come a two-minute acceleration of a enhance Monday night.

Gallagher picked up the win for himself and TJ Perkins, forcing a tapout native Nese as a frazzled Neville walked the end on the defeat.


Jack Gallagher and TJ Perkins defeated Neville and Tony Nese.




The following time someone concerns why the cruiserweight division isn"t working, recommendation this match.

A two-minute enhance that cure the department more like a sideshow 보다 a valuable asset, it was a garbage of the talent involved. Nobody stood out, and also the least amount that work possible went right into hyping Gallagher vs. Neville for Sunday"s Fastlane.

Cesaro come off the ring apron beforehand in the match, tweaking his knee in what showed up to it is in a real, possibly serious injury.

The two functioned a smarter, an ext grounded match to make up for the injury, v Samoa Joe working over the hurt joint.

Cesaro confirmed tremendous strength in powering Joe end on a couple of occasions, however he to be slowed significantly.

Joe recorded Cesaro do the efforts a springboard and delivered a uranage slam because that the win.

After the match, Joe was struck by Sami Zayn, that dove off the stage and onto The Samoan Submission device to hype your upcoming match.


Samoa Joe defeated Cesaro.




The complement was a significant disappointment, adversely affected by Cesaro"s bum knee. Through that said, Joe looked even much more dangerous for having actually slowed and also stopped Cesaro, and then he involved Zayn in a brawl that considerably hyped your contest.

It was a strong segment the would have actually been even far better had the injury no slowed that significantly.


Braun Strowman made the mistake of talking down to Raw general manager Mick Foley, awakening a irritable legend in him. Prior to the two can throw down, however, roman inn Reigns hit the ring.

He brawled v Strowman, going as far as to deliver a spear with the timekeeper"s position.

It to be not enough to store down Strowman, who sent out Reigns into the corner, break the turnbuckle through the sheer pressure of the irish whip.

Reigns recovered, signing the contract for Sunday"s match in between them, lot to the dismay that Strowman, who watched indigenous the ramp come close out the show.



There to be two solid bumps and also a magnificent story told to aid this rank amongst the ideal segments that the night.

Strowman was booked prefer a world-beater—a large man unstoppable in his quest for complete dominance in WWE. Yet there was a glimmer that doubt in his eyes together Reigns recovered just long sufficient to authorize the contract for Sunday"s show.

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Their match may no be a quite one, however it might be the biggest surprise that the entire Fastlane card.