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WWE SmackDown come waltzing ago into our lives tonight (Mar. 24, 2016) native Boston, Massachusetts through a taped present on the USA Network featuring all the latest develop to the WrestleMania 32 pay-per-view (PPV) extravaganza booked for next month in Arlington, Texas.

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Because SmackDown is a recorded show, you can simply go review the spoilers to know whatever that happens (find castle by clicking here). Us will provide results below.

You have the right to use this room to comment on all the occasions as they occur, however, and it"s more than likely going to enhance your the town hall experience. In fact, I recognize it is due to the fact that we"re a most fun roughly here.

Enjoy the show!



Hello, everyone. Kyle here. Here"s your location to either watch SmackDown through us or gain the updates as they happen. Strap in for part Mauro Ranallo called action.

The show opens through Charlotte and Ric Flair in the ring. Charlotte claims she"s only a couple weeks far from placing an end to this Divas transformation and starting the "Whoo Revolution." There"s a lot of Whooing from Ric and also Charlotte

Sasha financial institutions vs. Charlotte

Becky Lynch is ~ above commentary.

The Boston group chants "Let"s walk Sasha!" Sasha has actually early regulate of the the match, yet a Ric Flair distraction turns the tide. Sasha fights ago multiple times yet Charlotte maintains manage until a sick knee come the confront turns things roughly for the Boss.

Charlotte escapes outside and stares under Becky. Sasha come out and also goes for Charlotte, that dodges and tosses the Boss into the Lass Kicker. Sasha and also Becky shove each other.

Sasha makes her method back come the ring and also Charlotte is able to collection up for the number 4. Sasha rolls she up for the 1-2-3.

Sasha financial institutions defeats Charlotte (and stays undefeated on the key roster)

After the match, Becky slides in and SUPLEXES BOTH WOMEN. Then she just peaces like a full badass.

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When Charlotte it s okay up, she ends up taking a earlier Stabber indigenous the boss to the joy of the crowd.


New day comes out to placed over the prey Os and also call the league of nations trash again. Xavier to compare the league to going come the DMV (which is horrible.) huge E to compare them come Jar jug Binks. Kofi compare them to the Michael Jordan... Of baseball!