Dean Ambrose has a challenger because that his WWE Heavyweight title at Backlash, the first Smackdown pay-per-view. There were likewise two brand-new titles revealed for the Blue Brand.

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WWE) august 24, 2016

AJ formats taunts the whole locker room ~ his success over man Cena at SummerSlam. Layouts goes in personal on Dolph Ziggler after his fail to to win Dean Ambrose, but The present Off isn"t having actually it. He headbutts The Phenomenal One and the two are separated.

"I don"t like LOSERS...." -
HEELZiggler Ziggler doesn"t like Styles... For this reason it"s mutual! #SDLive — WWE universe (

The unveiling the the new Smackdown"s Women"s title and the Smackdown Tag-Team titles talked about much much better than the reveal of the global Title.

Credit the superior crowd in Uncasville, Connecticut for that.

Here"s a look at the titles:

Say hello come the #SmackDown Women"s Championship and the #SmackDown sign Team Championships! #SDLive

— WWE (
WWE) august 24, 2016

There will be a Six-Pack an obstacle at Backlash to recognize the Women"s Smackdown champion. A tag-team competition will recognize the champion for that division.

The final will likewise be hosted at Backlash.

A great portion the the Smackdown roster was in the ring because that the announcement, yet soon the party would certainly be crashed through The One male Band:

"Heath, you"re not specifically EQUIPPED to compete for the Women"s Championship..." -
WWE) august 24, 2016

Heath Slater has actually been death it through his quest of a contract top top both Raw and Smackdown, and the WWE cosmos is responding come him.

Slater says he wants some WWE gold, but he"s told he"s no physically fitted to be the Women"s Champion, and also he doesn"t have actually a partner to come to be a sign champion.

SHANE: If pagan Slater DOESN"T win the tags Tournament, he will NOT come to be a #SDLive Superstar!

— WWE (
WWE) respectable 24, 2016

Shane McMahon offers Slater till the finish of the present to uncover a partner to complete with him in the tournament. That can finally earn a contract if he find a partner and also wins the tournament. Formats comes down to complain around the stimulate of things, but Ziggler isn"t done v him:

WWE) respectable 24, 2016

I like Alexa Bliss, yet there"s no method she"d knock turn off Becky Lynch.

Alexa didn"t job-related her best match, however she has actually a little bit of a future. She diminutive stature renders her a much more natural face.

Becky is improving every week and she operated past Alexa"s follies to put on a decent show. Lynch it s okay the win v the Disarm-Her.

Slater Turned under By The Miz

WWEUniverse) respectable 24, 2016

The an initial Superstar Slater tried to enlist because that his solutions was The Miz. It looked together if Slater might have a ready participant, but it turned out The Miz was speaking through Stephen Spielberg on his bluetooth.

Sure, Miz.

The Intercontinental Champion hadn"t heard a word Slater said, so this was a no-go.

Usos eliminate The Ascension

The Samoan Splash sends The
WWEUsos come the next round that the #SmackDown #TagTournament! #SDLive

— WWE (
WWE) respectable 24, 2016

The Ascension have actually fallen more down the ladder 보다 a painter with Vaseline on his boots.

Putting them in a match against The Usos called us automatically which team was advancing. Jimmy and Jey gained win ~ the Uso Splash, yet the Ascension were at least allowed to work-related a small longer 보다 they have actually lately.

AJ and also Dolph are Gonna Fight

"I did specifically what I said I was going to perform ... #BeatUpJohnCena!" -
WWE) respectable 24, 2016

Styles shows up to do more gloating ~ his victory over Cena, and he"s additionally calling out Ziggler while accusing him of being jealous.

Ziggler increase from backstage, yet is cut off through referees.

Daniel Bryan comes out to protect against the near brawl, however he makes the main event enhance for tonight, due to the fact that it"s apparent "these two wanna fight."

If formats wins, the alone will confront Dean Ambrose in ~ Backlash for the WWE championship.

"TONIGHT, you are going come FIGHT!
WWE) respectable 24, 2016

If Ziggler wins, he"ll sign up with them in a Triple Threat enhance for the title. Assumption: v what"s going come happen? Bryan worded this stipulations awkwardly.

It would have actually been simpler to say styles you"ve earned the title shot, and Dolph, you still need to prove yourself. Oh well, the matches could be stellar.

Nikki Bella is Back, yet Carmella Isn"t Sentimental

Welcome earlier Nikki
WWE) respectable 24, 2016

Nikki Bella pertained to the ring because that a complement with Carmella, however Renee Young wanted to interview Nikki to discuss her comeback indigenous injury.

Carmella assaults Nikki viciously and even plants her through the Bella Buster leave the former Women"s Champion damaged in the ring.

Scratch that feel-good minute for Nikki
WWE) respectable 24, 2016

It"s obvious, Nikki Bella"s return from neck surgery has actually made her a face. Thankfully, the WWE establish that and also they make the switch v her character.

Carmella was a very annoying face, thus it to be equally refresh to view her turn heel.

Bray Is now Stalking Randy Orton

#TheViper is around to gain a visit indigenous the #EaterOfWorlds!! #SDLive
WWE) respectable 24, 2016

The Viper involves the ring donate the stitched-up wound he endured at the hand of Brock Lesnar in ~ SummerSlam. He"s talking around the battle, but Bray Wyatt interrupts him.

WWEUniverse) august 24, 2016

Wyatt is without Erick Rowan, i beg your pardon is good, but it"s poor that this appears to be another dead-end feud because that The Eater the Worlds.

Unless Wyatt to win the freshly suspended Orton at Backlash and also then it s okay a title opportunity, this will be an additional waste that Wyatt"s talent.

Slater find A Rhyno

HEATH: "Did us just end up being PARTNERS?!?" RHYNO: "YUP!" #SDLive #TagTournament
WWE) respectable 24, 2016

Finally, Slater find someone to contend with him because that the tag-team championships.

Former tormentor Rhyno viewpoints Slater and that partnership it s okay Slater plugged right into the tournament. This run can be quite entertaining.

American Alpha def. BreeZango

JasonJordanJJ have progressed in the #SmackDown #TagTournament, and also it is therefore SICK! #SDLive — WWE (
WWE) respectable 24, 2016

AA is start to uncover their groove from a personality standpoint. They"ve constantly been great in the ring, but their promo prior to their complement with BreeZango was pretty funny.

BreeZango had the edge together the display went come break, however ultimately, AA hit your spectacular finisher come grab the victory:

JasonJordanJJ breakthrough in the #SmackDown #TagTournament!! #SDLive #AmericanAlpha

— WWE universe (
WWEUniverse) august 24, 2016

BreeZango probably should"ve been a semifinal opponent, however the match was tho excellent.

Tyler Breeze and also Fandango yielded some great offense. Fact be told, this nearly looked prefer a finals match. The matches later in the tournament will have a difficult time besting this one.

Ambrose is Dressed prefer a Cowboy, and also He"s been Gambling

WWE) respectable 24, 2016

AJ formats def. Dolph Ziggler

In one hell of a match, Styles defeated Ziggler v his second attempt at a layouts Clash. Styles had come kick the end of a Zig Zag and also elude a Superkick to pull turn off the victory, however he notched yet another clean victory.

WWE) respectable 24, 2016

This is the kind of complement that should main occasion not just episodes of Smackdown, however alsopay-per-views.

WWE) respectable 24, 2016

Quite honestly, a Triple Threat in between Ziggler, Styles and Ambrose can have been an immediate classic, however unless there"s a swerve of kinds on the way, the won"t it is in happening.

TheDeanAmbrose nose-to-nose as #SDLive ends!! They"ll satisfy at #WWEBacklash because that Ambrose"s title!

— WWE (
WWE) august 24, 2016

The staredown in ~ the end of the match between Styles and Ambrose to be cool, however it look at like layouts is being elevated together the male to to win on the Blue Brand.

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