Fusch, Papara

REEDSBURG, Wis. — two Sauk County teenagers are accused that sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in her residence in early February, follow to papers filed in court critical week.

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Carson J. Fusch, 18, and Michael P. Papara, 18, room each facing a count of sexual attack of a boy under 16 years old in link with an occurrence at a Reedsburg house on Feb. 6.

The Richland ar Sheriff’s department was carried in to investigate the Sauk county case due to the fact that Papara’s parent works at the Sauk ar Jail, officials said.

According to the criminal complaint, the parents of a 15-year-old found their daughter in their guest bedroom with Fusch and also Papara. The girl was nude indigenous the waist down and Fusch and also Papara were fully clothed.

Papara was discovered laying ~ above the floor or getting up indigenous the floor in the same room whereby the girl and also Fusch were discovered in the bed, the complaint said. The girl stated she didn’t psychic anything that happened, and a preliminary breath test confirmed her blood alcohol level to be 0.10.

Papara and Fusch both said they to be at the girl’s home because their vehicle went into the ditch ~ above the same road where she lives, and they refuse having any kind of sexual call with her, follow to the complaint. They stated they just touched her ago while she was ill native drinking. They claimed they to be helping her because she to be drunk.

Officers uncovered two knifes in Papara’s underwear and another knife top top him. 2 of the knives to be stolen, according to the court document. Papara at very first lied around stealing money, yet later admitted to acquisition a $50 invoice to aid his mommy pay bills. A plastic bag that marijuana was uncovered hidden under Papara’s scrotum, and he admitted come police the he had bought the marijuana in Baraboo.

Officers likewise seized Papara’s cellphone, the report said. If trying to switch the phone call into plane mode, the deputy experienced a screenshot that a video clip of Papara do not wear shirts in the bedroom wherein the girl to be assaulted. It appeared in the photo that Papara to be assaulting the girl and Fusch could be viewed participating. Later, with a find warrant, investigators discovered four videos top top Papara’s phone showing the assault. There were also multiple photos and also videos the bags of marijuana, guns and also cash.

According come the complaint, the girl experienced multiple injuries to she upper and also lower extremities, buttocks and vagina.

Papara is facing second charge that sexual attack of a child due to the fact that investigators found images and video on Papara’s phone of him accused assaulting the girl in the exact same room ~ above Nov. 23.

Papara had an initial illustration on his fees Monday. The was offered a cash link of $5,000 and also ordered not to have contact with the victim or Fusch, follow to court records. When on bond he additionally can’t have call with any kind of girls under 16 other than for immediate family members or incidental contact within the community. He likewise can’t it is in on the Reedsburg High college campus. Papara’s court return day is scheduled at 1 p.m. Top top April 16.

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Fusch had actually his initial appearance Monday and received a $2,000 signature bond. He was ordered not to have contact with the victim or Papara, according to court records. While on link he likewise can’t have call with any type of girls under 16 except for immediate household members or incidental contact within the ar or during work hours. He additionally can’t be on the Reedsburg High college campus. A pre-trial conference is reserved at 11 a.m. Top top Feb. 28 in Fusch’s case.