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Mosin activity cross section 02.gif
>>30464280>>30464289not poor considering just how it started. The dark and also pitted but the rifling is strong.
>>30464116I've seen a many worse, in ~ ranges anywhere guys do terrible thing come Mosins because they favor cheap guns.
>>30465701I just bought a couple off gunbroker. One m27 and also one m39.Both v sexy stocks, castle look favor fucking marble. Artic flame birch really is the finest wood for gun stocks.Can't wait it rotates they get here.
>>30464116I've seen worse. Old coworker that mine to buy a mosin tore out the metal and and whatnot then burned the wood and replaced with a matte camo stock with a actual tree logo
>>30467424Where does one to buy a /k/ scarf and also a spam can pillow?I'll contribute: one of the numerous mosins i own, 1935 Tula Ex-PE sniper. Likewise have a pair of M91s, 2 M44s (one is a Chinese kind 53), and about 5-6 91/30s
whereby is a good place come look for a 91/30? I've searched everywhere and I can't discover one. I'm in Oregon btw.
>>30468165Ooooh, that's nice. Tikka M39s are just made indigenous Tikka M91 barrels reduced down come size and assembled by SAKO or VKT (don't remember which). It's neat the you have actually one actually constructed by Tikka.
>>30468365>actually built by Tikka.Tikkakosky Oy only made barrels; never complete rifles in serial production. The rifles with Tikka barrels to be either assembled by Valmet, SAKO, or among the three army Arms Depots. Mine rifle was developed at arms Depot #1 in Helsinki, on a 1905 Tula receiver. It has seen part shit.
i bought a prewrecked (former van gun) nugget for this reason i could shamelessly subject the barrel for my 762SDN6i normally respect old guns and also dont bubba shit, however shit the is currently trashed is currently trashedive additionally brought inop nuggets back to life, which has actually unfortunately connected partial bubba'ing in ~ times: example, a timney indigenous a combination of laziness and curiosity

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>>30469799Out of all of the abortions I've seen human being make mosins into, this is probably the finest looking, not to cite quite practical.