Drew Gooden's moving on from gift the "Road work Ahead" male on Vine.Credit: discoverhotmail.com/Vicky Leta

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If you"ve ever found yourself mourning the downfall of Vine by binging compilations late at night -- because really, that hasn"t? -- you"ve more than likely seen drew Gooden"s iconic "Road occupational ahead? I certain hope the does!"

That Vine inspired remixes, parodies, and fan merchandise. But the 24-year-old is prepared to work on various other projects.

Like countless Vine stars, Gooden"s made the change to YouTube together a vlogger. 3 years after the immensely renowned Vine, he"s navigating the civilization of reaction videos, figuring out his very own brand, and trying to relocate past being recognized as the Road work-related Ahead guy.

The adhering to conversation through Gooden has been edited for length and clarity.

discoverhotmail.com: You started off on Vine, and now you"re making a surname for yourself on YouTube. What to be the thought process you went through once YouTube started growing more and Vine type of just died out?

Drew Gooden: because that me, over there wasn"t really crossover. A lot of of world on Vine used their Vine communication to get huge on YouTube. I waited until Vine died and didn"t walk to YouTube, and then a couple of months went by and I to be like, OK, i guess I"ll try it. So I had to begin from scrape again top top YouTube. By the time YouTube was beginning to occupational out, Vine was so much in the rearview mirror. And also YouTube has done a lot much more than Vine -- like I never made money from Vine. YouTube is now like a career. Ns forget precisely what your concern was because I simply ramble a lot.

No worries. What was her thought procedure as you transitioned come YouTube?

When I an initial started YouTube, i wasn"t act what I"m law now. I tried to carry out what i was act on Vine: basically small sketches, whereby I play all the characters, yet it would just be longer. I think they"re all pretty funny, however the means YouTube works, world really want to gain to know you together a person. And also so when I began to combine that, but into more sitting down and also talking about something and also sharing my opinion that felt prefer that"s when it really started to take it off.

Do friend think if Vine stuck roughly for longer, world would do a career out of it?

Not at the price it to be going. There was a height of Vine where human being were make a most money -- i wasn"t one of those people yet I recognize some of these world were doing these brand deals and also these brands were throwing the end so much money. There wasn"t a way to number out if the converted, whereby YouTube, you acquire a brand deal and get a link. They click on the link. V Vine the was simply like, "Drink Pepsi!" and also they had actually no method to track.

How old were you when you make your notorious "road work-related ahead" Vine? 

I think ns was 21. And also it to be not nearly as big. However that"s among those Vines that appears to be an ext popular now than it ever before was then, because it"s in all the like, Vine compilations ~ above YouTube. It"s funny, due to the fact that ... VidCon, about one the end of three human being were like, "Oh, you"re the road work ahead guy!" and also they"d want to movie me saying the Vine because that like, Snapchat or whatever. I was like, "I"ve done other stuff," but you know. 

So friend think that got popular due to the fact that of the Vine compilation videos and also not as soon as Vine to be still a thing?

I think so. I think it"s likewise that when civilization are reminded the it once they check out a sign, and maybe they say it to your friend, and also then they"ve introduced them. It"s type of branched out over the years. It to be not renowned when it came out, however now it"s like my catchphrase. I market shirts with it top top it, due to the fact that gotta capitalize on it while that lasts. 

Tweet may have actually been deleted

But currently it"s 3 years later, you"ve tweeted about how you"re tired of it and called the a "curse" -- have the right to you speak a small about that?

Yeah it to be funny. Like, ns go ago and forth. Ns compare it to a tape that has one really huge song, and even though they make a bunch of different songs, they have to close every present for the next ten years through that song. Since that"s what people want! so you have to embrace it, yet there"s a component of me that"s like, "Please don"t do me say it again." 

I"d like to separate myself indigenous it, but I have actually to take on it, girlfriend know? and also if that"s how people discover me and if they prefer my brand-new stuff, climate that"s great. 

And you market merch for it, therefore you"re make money turn off it.

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It's hard though -- you're a meme. You become a meme, and people desire you to it is in that. 

How have you tried moving past the one Vine, either in your personal life or in your course as a YouTuber?

I guess relocating past it is just about doing other things. Doing as plenty of other things as possible. Ns think over there are various other Viners who have one thing and also then they shot to milk the forever, and also that"s fine, yet they never finish up act anything else. It"s difficult though -- you"re a meme. You end up being a meme, and also people want you to be that. 

Did you ever see the Vine, and also he"s choose "It is Wednesday, mine dudes" and also he screams? 


I observed him in ~ VidCon and he was wearing the costume native that. That does other things now, that does YouTube and also Twitch. However people aren"t gonna recognize him now unless he"s wearing that costume. 

Right. And also you"re getting an ext into vlogging -- how has actually that played right into you relocating on indigenous Road occupational Ahead Guy? 

I don"t know. Ns feel like the an ext things I perform that aren"t centered roughly that Vine, the much more I"m separating myself from it, even though people will always associate that with me. I think it"s other that i can"t carry out on my own. Like also if i say, "Guys I"m done v that," civilization are tho gonna watch me as the Road job-related Ahead guy. There"s virtually nothing you deserve to do in separating yourself from something that"s come to be bigger than yourself.

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So lot of YouTube is sharing your personal life. You also have a video clip called "Exploiting My connection For Content."

Ha, yeah. 

Do you ever before regret having so lot out over there in the public?

I guess, come an extent. But you enter it learning that"s going to be component of it. And I think i am able to different -- there"s a lot ns don"t have to advertise. I don"t need to say everything about my relationship. Like, I choose being may be to encompass my fiancée in stuff due to the fact that she wants to and also people choose her. Ns feel choose there"s nothing I"ve put out over there that i wasn"t willing to placed out there. The just time I execute regret the is once I mess up in a video, it"s top top the internet forever. 

Where do you attract the line in between what"s too personal and what"s an excellent for content?

I think I take on it in the if other embarrassing wake up to me, i think that does do for an excellent content to tell the story. Choose I"ve pooped mine pants before when i was 15, and it"s a yes, really funny story and I could be like, "Oh, ns hope nobody finds out, or I can just take on it together a funny story. Ns think the crucial is try not to be embarrassed. Where I would attract the line, is like, don"t concerned my house. 

You had actually a pretty scathing review of Jake Paul"s concert. 


What execute you think the the identification that the Paul brothers constructed for themselves, and why execute you dislike it so much? 

So much of it is built on "We have all this money, and also you don"t." and without acknowledging the truth that the civilization they"re bragging to room the human being who offered them all that money. V Jake and Logan Paul, they"ve done individually, things that room pretty messed up. Logan had actually the point with the suicide woodland -- just how would you even think to do that? -- and also Jake doxxed short article Malone. I think they"re more interested in make content than being good people. It"s so self-promotional, and it"s simply kind that gross. Ns think they"re delusional around the truth their fans space kids. 

But in ~ the very same time, you have said before that several of your super famous content to be bashing ~ above the Paul brothers. How do you feel building your own picture off of who else"s disastrous image?

Yeah, that"s wherein I"m at best now. I"ve been doing the for a tiny bit now, because it"s simple to flourish on YouTube as someone that rants around other things. I carry out get called out as soon as in a if -- like, "You"re making fun of this people, but all you"re law is making funny of them, so how are you any better?" I try to add as much of my very own flavor come it. Also, understanding that I"m not going to execute this forever, I desire to use this to change into original, traditional content, no so much like, "And here"s who sucks this week!" 

How would you specify your brand, then, as a contents creator? 

I don"t really understand ... Ns feel prefer so lot of it is figuring that out together I go. Every little thing works, I"ll just do more. I guess i would define my YouTube channel together me gift the voice of factor amidst every one of this monster shit that"s walk on ~ above the internet. Like, a couple of videos ns made that space really large are around the meaningless life hacks that you view on facebook all the time. I prefer content like that due to the fact that there"s not a victim, really. I"m no making fun of a specific person, I might just suggest at something the everyone think is dumb and also be like, "Look just how dumb the is!" 

Do you have a goal set for you yourself for relocating into timeless content?

When ns started before Vine and also everything, what I want to carry out was write for a television show. Not a movie, especially a TV series. Like, I"m a big fan the The Office -- I"ve constantly wanted to write a present like that. So I"d favor to, eventually with mine platform and my audience, type of obtain to a suggest where I could fund something prefer that and make miscellaneous that"s scripted. And also is a story fairly than girlfriend know, reaction or ranting about something. That"s where I want to get.