So this is pretty annoying to speak the least. Anyone recognize why this wake up or exactly how to stop it native happening?

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It"s simply a forum glitch and/or you were signed the end (automatically after around 30 minutes) - most steps were added to fight turn off spammers which to be getting completely out that hand.

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So, just sign out and back in and you should be fine.

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That"s what I assumed too yet a lot time it doesn"t work that way. Like tonight i was trying to ask a various question altogether yet after logging in and out and also then ago in again the exact same happened. There are some days once I just offer up posting anything due to the fact that no matter what I perform I gain the same message. I was just able to write-up this after ~ logging in top top a various device. Sometimes also that doesn"t work.

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There a time that i too have actually been logged off inexplicably - these are the "forum glitches" stated = no factor or cause, perhaps... What browser and version, please? almost right date/time the the glitch? more Less
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Jul 7, 2015 2:02 pm

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Oh wow now that is crazy. Kinda provides one wonder exactly how secure an id actually is. Even with the best password there isn"t much a consumer can perform to protect against bad programming aside from not making use of it. And also I great would take a small time in in between releasing iOS to update to fix some that the crap top top here. Who told me that this site was in reality outsourced to another company to build and also maintain.. Still states Inc. In the address bar though. One would certainly think a firm like would want to preserve a user friendly basic to navigate site... Eh no so much it seems.

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Jul 7, 2015 2:45 pm

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60D807 wrote:

five wow currently that is crazy. Kinda makes one wonder how secure one id in reality is. Also with the ideal password over there isn"t lot a customer can perform to protect versus bad programming as well as not making use of it. And also I great would certainly take a tiny time in between releasing iOS update to solve some that the crap ~ above here. Who told me that this site was actually outsourced to another firm to build and also maintain.. Still states Inc. In the attend to bar though. One would think a agency like apologize would want to preserve a user friendly straightforward to navigate site... Eh not so lot it seems. Yep. Pretty crazy - there is part glitch, which wake up pretty seldom that confuses one"s identity - then (my guess) compares her "perceived" identification to a "blacklist" of banned users - it supplied to constantly be a user named "asfahan" which currently seems to be this other one, mostlyI am certain that the security is very high - that"s the really "problem" as soon as these things take place - erring ~ above the side of defense cautionagain, protection is big in"s implementation of the id in every its myriad servicesDon"t us all...One would think...

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Like i said, merely popping an that s right worded alert would certainly go a long means to making united state feel much better and knowledge what has actually happened and also how to overcome it.