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E3 2010: now You have the right to Move your Fat Body freely With Konami’s DANCEMASTERS


Yes, the was a line straight from Naoki Maeda around their brand-new Kinect to dance game, DANCEMASTERS. We observed the return that both Naoki Maeda and Konami Japan’s PR representative and talented translator thomas Nagano in ~ Konami’s press conference, and I can’t stress sufficient just just how funny Naoki is in person.

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We were happily able to catch a few minutes with the duo after obtaining some hands-on time v DANCEMASTERS. While i felt choose an idiot playing the game (I continually mix up mine right and also left through these games), i did have fun, and am excited around some the the revelations that Naoki had about the title during our chat.

Read our quick discussion through Naoki Maeda after the jump.

OSV: So us tried DANCEMASTERS, and also it’s a many fun. It’s type of what I expected to check out from a dance game with the Kinect. The feels various in the you’re physically law the movements on the screen, whereas part other gamings have you performing pre-set gestures and telling you whether you’ve done them right or wrong. Phone call us around the game’s concept and also how you feel it’s different from the various other dance gamings out there?

Naoki: DANCEMASTERS is positioned to it is in a game that you can actually suffer dancing in reality. We’re maybe to execute this because of the technology of Kinect.

OSV: It seems like as soon as Kinect was an initial announced, several companies announced run games. Just how is DANCEMASTERS different?

Naoki: With Dance Central, prefer you said, they have actually pre-set dance that sort of speak you exactly how to dance, yet this game does not. In DANCEMASTERS you need to do that on the fly, therefore it type of appears difficult. Have actually you personally experienced dancing before?

OSV: No, I’m not really one to dance. Uneven it’s run Dance.

Naoki: So no run classes or anything favor that?

OSV: Unfortunately not.

Naoki: Well, i think that people instinctively want to relocate their body. For this reason if somebody close to you is moving their body, you feel you have to move yours together well. V DANCEMASTERS, it’s no a game that you simply play once. Together you play more and more, her body memorizes the choreographed dance moves. It is why we think this title is different.

OSV: I have actually a question around the music in the game. Is that going to it is in licensed, or will we be hearing new Konami initial music?

Naoki: This time it’s going come be all Konami initial music. You see licensed music in a lot of other games, but we want to create something that just we at Konami can make. Music is really important to a dance game and we need to determine if that fits the game. Utilizing Konami initial songs, we deserve to make gamings that deserve to enhance the funny of the game and also the songs videotaped in DANCEMASTERS are song that administer this effect. We would prefer to at some point start implementing license is granted songs, however we desire to start out with our Konami originals.

OSV: My last question is around how this video game will appeal to DanceDanceRevolution fans. Pan of that video game have been play this video game with your feet–and maybe a tiny with their hands–for plenty of years, therefore what would you say come them around DANCEMASTERS to get them interested in the game? perform you think they’ll transition over come this brand-new dance game?

Naoki: Well, we want them to execute both. For human being who desire to try out reality dancing, we would certainly recommend trying DANCEMASTERS, however people who want to pat DDR for to dance as an ext of a game, we would recommend DanceDanceRevolution, but we hope anyone will shot DANCEMASTERS at least once since it’s really a most fun come play.

OSV: In regards to the DanceDanceRevolution community, they play for the difficulty and want really complicated game modes. I just played a an easy song here on the floor, but will we watch very challenging dance routines in DANCEMASTERS to appeal come hardcore fans?

Naoki: For DANCEMASTERS, of food we’ll have more daunting dance choreography, yet the main ide of DANCEMASTERS is to fully copy the version dancer’s movement, therefore it need to be challenging.

OSV: Well, thank you so lot for her time, and also congratulations and good luck through DANCEMASTERS.

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Naoki: thank you!

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