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"You Can"t scare Me through This" is a memorable quote uttered by Neo, the key protagonist of the scientific research fiction action franchise The Matrix, in the original 1999 feature film. Online, the step in which Neo claims the line has been edited because that exploitables and video clip remixes, with human being replacing the object that frightens the character.


On march 31st, 1999, The Matrix was released in theater in the united States.<1> In the film, Neo (portrayed by Keanu Reeves) is approached through a mysterious group of males in black suit, well-known as Agents, and taken right into their custody for interrogation. In the process, 2 Agents try to intimidate Neo by reflecting him the they currently have detailed information about his secret life, to which Neo responds by invoking his appropriate to counsel:

"You can"t fear me v this Gestapo crap. I know my rights. I desire my call call."

More 보다 a decade later, YouTuber Kai Miller posted an edited variation of the scene, in i beg your pardon the certified dealer throwing the folder on the workdesk grows louder in volume. The volume, thanks to the edit, appears to fear Neo. Within three years, the write-up received much more than 1.9 million see (shown below, right).


Two years later, on July 20th, YouTuber nihonium edited the step to feature an explosion. The post received much more than 2,200 see in a year and also a half.

On august 2nd, 2017, an anonymous Imgur <2> user post an exploitable that the scene, utilizing the YouTube modify as a template. In the meme, Neo is wearing a make America good Again hat, when a black color Lives matter shirt is photoshopped end the folder (shown below, left).

On December 20th, YouTuber post a sports of the video meme in i beg your pardon a tiny skeleton with a trumpet scares Neo. The post received much more than 9,500 views in less than one year (shown below, right).


On September 24th, 2018, Redditor <3> triangul8er posted a varation in the /r/MemeEconomy subreddit. In ~ 24 hours the article received more than 1,000 points (98% upvoted) and 515 comment (shown below).

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<1> Wikipedia – The Matrix

<2> Imgur – get in the ????atrix

<3> Reddit – purchase meta while it’s still hot!

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