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verse 1:It seems favor foreverThat I have actually waited because that youIn a people of disappointmentOne point is trueGod has actually blessed meAnd he"s blessed friend tooIn a world of lonely peopleI"ve uncovered you.Chorus:Take mine handAnd hold me closeAnd don"t permit me go.You for meAnd me for youTogether we"ll do oneVerse 2:We were once strangersAll by ourselvesLiving, life aloneWith nobody elseBut right here you areAnd it"s so, for this reason sweetGod must have actually done thisMade you for meAnd oh.Chorus:Take my handHold me closeDon"t permit go.You because that meMe for youTogether we"ll do one.Bridge:We were constantly sleepingUnder the very same starsDreaming, desires of loveWondering where you areHow blessed i amThat I"ve found youNow the you"re hereI pray come say "I do"Ohhh(Chorus twice)
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