around You Know exactly how We carry out It

"You Know just how We perform It" is the 2nd single from ice Cube"s 4th studio album, Lethal Injection. It to be released as a 12" single on February 2, 1994. A G-funk hit which has actually the very same kind that mood and also feeling from The Predator, that samples "The show Is Over" through Evelyn "Champagne" King and uses one interpolation that "Summer Madness" by Kool & the Gang. At the time of the album"s release, sales to be poor; in part by Dr. Dre and other fatality Row artists conquering the radio stations. although Lethal Injection received negative reviews through critics, this single stoodout indigenous the remainder of the album and also was considered a West coast classic. That was later on featured ~ above his greatest Hits album. The song first appeared top top the soundtrack that the 1993 movie Surf Ninjas. The is additionally featured in the video clip game grand Theft Auto V, produced by Rockstar Games, i beg your pardon is additionally the 3rd time among Ice Cube songs to be featured in a cool Theft Auto game, the very first two gift "It was a an excellent Day" and "Check Yo Self", both on cool Theft Auto: san Andreas. Eventually Mariah Carey sampled "You Know exactly how We do It" in her track "Irresistible (West side Connection)" from her 2002 album Charmbracelet.more »

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Yeah, yeah!Fool, girlfriend know how we perform itWest SideComin" native the West SideNothin" yet the West SideAin"t nothin" goin on yet the bomb ass laboratory songHittin" all night longJust prefer me ~ above the black and also white ivoryGettin" six on artillery you don"t want to see a GBreak yo" ass choose dishesBuster ass top sleep with the fishesRunnin" from Lennox up in ~ VeniceThey desire to have actually me in stripes, like Dennis the MenaceBut the ain"t poppin", ain"t no stoppin"Fo" hoppin, ass droppin", Coupe DeVilleMy fact can, I"ll, fool I got skillsSo, earlier on up "fore I check that chinDown as f*ck and also I"m full off Henn"You it s okay no love and I believed you knew itFool, you know how we execute itComin" native the West SideWest Side, comin" from the West SideChillin" through the homies, smellin" the budDouble parked and also I"m talkin" come DubAbout who gained a plan, who obtained a plotWhom gained got, and also who obtained shotCause anyone knows the he acquired the infoCrazy Toones hangin out the windowFool I gained them bomb-ass tapesDa Lench Mob, planet of the ApesI"m down v Eiht, and also Watts UpKam is solo, they got nutsWhen ice cream Cube write a sentenceI desire "The Bomb," as with George ClintonS-k-d is under to capture a bodyPut ~ above Knee Deep, we"ll revolve out her partyYou gets no love and I assumed you knew itFool, girlfriend know how we execute itYou know how we do itJack B. Nimble, and also Jack B. QuickIf you desire to jack me ~ above a lick, causeI"m that fool from south CentralYou think you grounding yourself, v a number 2 pencilThat"s exactly how I poke hot lead in yo" assWith "Mo" Bounce come the Ounce" in the dashMash up, Ve-nice, headed because that the WestEverything is great, slow down for the dipOn a 100 and also 8th and keep mashin"Don"t drink and also drive to keep the fo" indigenous crashin"Stashin a glock and I thought you knew itYou know just how we execute itComin" indigenous the West Side, West SideNothin" yet a West SideIt"s hittin" ~ above the West SideFool, friend know just how we perform it

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ice Cube O"Shea Jackson (born June 15, 1969), far better known through his phase name ice cream Cube, is an American rapper, document producer, actor, screenwriter, movie producer, and also director. He began his career as a member that the i know good hop team C.I.A. And also later joined the rap team N.W.A (Niggas through Attitudes). ~ leaving N.W.A in December 1989, he developed a effective solo career in music, and likewise as a writer, director, actor and also producer in cinema.

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Additionally, he has actually served as one of the producer of the Showtime television series Barbershop and also the TBS collection Are us There Yet?, both that which room based upon movies in which he portrayed the command character. Much more »