Rubeus – “Rubeus” means “red.” “Ruber” is additionally Latin for “red,” and also can average “ruddy” – a perfect representation of our favorite gamekeeper.

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Hagrid – J.K. Rowling said: “Hagrid is likewise another old English word meaning if you were Hagrid, the a language word an interpretation you’d had actually a bad night. Hagrid’s a huge drinker. He has actually a many of bad nights.” Grid to be a norseman giantess known for having actually a damaging temper. “Ha” is a variant of the Old West norseman name element “half.” So, “Ha-Grid” may just mean “Half-Grid” or more notably “Half-Giant.” ” Haggard” can additionally mean “appearing worn and exhausted, gaunt; wild or distraught in appearance; a disheveled individual.” indigenous the Mayor the Casterbridge by cutting board Hardy, the Old English ax “hag-rid” way “indigestion” (not how amazing considering all the weird things Hagrid eats). Uncovered in the exact same i as “Dumbledore.” Coincidence?

I’m pretty sure I say this every post, but I love Hagrid. He really does make hogwart home. Ns love just how someone who seems so scary at an initial glance is yes, really a sweet, caring, loyal, and also emotional man. Hagrid is just wonderful. He’s certainly one the my favourite characters. I hated the component in Order the the Phoenix as soon as he’s away through Madame Olympe Maxime trying to make peace with the giants. Yet Rowling comprised for it v his awesome story. Ns remember analysis that and being totally transported to be there v them and also it’s simply one of those things that i love around the means that J.K. Rowling writes.


As always, the surname holds significance. Rubeus definition red and ruddy is perfect for Hagrid, together it states above. I think that J.K. Often describes him together being ruddy. Hagrid is yet again perfect, even if it is referencing the quote or the half-giant or haggard or hag-rid. I think it’s rather amazing that Rowling make Hagrid a drinker. I know he had actually to have actually some fault, yet wouldn’t that be sufficient that he was blamed for opening the room of Secrets? He had a devastating childhood though, so ns guess that’s more than likely why. His mother left as soon as he was young, his father died when he was at school, that had couple of friends, he acquired blamed for opened the chamber of Secrets, conserved by Dumbledore who enabled him to stay on the grounds. Hagrid also was a an extremely close friend of the Potters and so once they to be murdered the was very hard on him. Hagrid also has the propensity to blame himself. Ns think component of the reason Hagrid has actually such a fascination with pets is the they’ve never ever let that down and they’ve always been there for him. I think it’s likewise pretty awesome the hag-rid and also Dumbledore (an old English word because that bumblebee) room in the same paragraph. It might be whereby Jo discovered their names, or it might merely it is in a coincidence. Or also cooler would be if she uncovered one of them, then the various other later and then came throughout them in thomas Hardy’s book.

Though this snapshot isn’t yes, really something that occurred in the series, it’s so true. Hagrid revealed the truth about Harry’s life to us all. Hagrid bought harry his first real birthday present. Hagrid walk so much for Harry, year after ~ year. Despite Ron was Harry’s finest friend, Ron go leave. Hagrid never ever did. He never could have. (I’m no hating ~ above Ron, I’m just saying, think about it.) Hermione wasn’t friends through Harry at first, though she no seem come loathe him favor she loathed Ron. Hagrid is so important to Harry because Hagrid represents hogwart to him somehow. Harry knows that Hagrid cares, and also vice versa. Hagrid is just so wonderfully wonderful. He really truly does make hogwart home.

One the my favourite Hagrid moment is once the trio goes as much as him after finding the end he’s the new Care of wonder Creatures professor. He’s so shy around it! It’s adorable. I also love and also yet dislike the component when take care of goes right into the Forbidden woodland in the Deathly Hallows. Hagrid is scared because that Harry and I dislike that Voldemort makes him carry Harry, yet no one rather would have actually been right. It to be so emotional. I love Hagrid. He’s a huge teddy bear.

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Some estimates from Hagrid:

No, sir – home was practically destroyed but I obtained him the end all right before the Muggles began swarmin’ around. He dropped asleep together we to be flyin’ over Bristol.

“Harry — yer a wizard.”

Rubeus Hagrid: “This boy’s had his name down ever due to the fact that he to be born. He’ll it is in goin’ come the ideal school the witchcraft and also wizardry in the world and he’ll it is in under the best headmaster that hogwarts has ever seen; Albus Dumbledore. Vernon Dursley: “I will not salary to have actually some crackpot old fool teach him magic tricks! Rubeus Hagrid: “Never… insult… Albus Dumbledore… in prior of me!““Great man, Dumbledore. ‘S long as we’ve acquired him, I’m not as well worried.““Listen to me, all three of ya: Yer meddlin’ in things that aught not to it is in meddled in; it’s too dangerous. What that dog is guarding is strictly in between Professor Dumbledore and also Nicholas Flamel.““If anyone want ter uncover out part stuff, every they’d have actually ter perform would it is in ter follow the spiders. That’d command ’em right! That’s every I’m sayin’.”“When ns firs’ met you, you reminded me o’ me a bit: Mum an’ Dad gone, and you to be feelin’ favor yeh wouldn’t fit in at Hogwarts, remember? Not certain yeh to be really up to it…an’ currently look at yeh!.

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““My dad to be broken-hearted once she wen’. Tiny little bloke, my dad was. By the moment I was 6 I might lift him up an’ put him on optimal o’ the dresser if he annoyed me. Provided ter make him laugh…““Dumbledore sent me to parley through the giants…I tried to convince them to join the cause. However I wasn’t the only one that was do the efforts to victory them over.““Harry?! No! What room you doin’ here?!