This is the Huber Heights ZIP code page. Huber Heights ZIP password is a city name in Montgomery, Ohio, unified States. The city surname is designated through USPS, it can be a city, town,village school name, etc.

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Basic Information


This is the population data of Huber Heights in 2010 and 2020.


This is the Huber Heights - Museum page list. Its detail Museum Name, Street, State, ZIP Code, phone is together below.

Street: PO crate 24144City: HUBER HEIGHTSZIP Code: 45424-4542Phone:


This is the Huber Heights - Library page list. Its detail Library Name, Address, State, ZIP Code, phone call is together below.



This is the Huber Heights - School web page list. Its detail School Name, Address, State, ZIP code is together below.

School NameAddressCityStateGradesZIP Code
Kitty eagle Elementary School 5758 Harshmanville RdHuber HeightsOhioPK-545424
Lamendola elementary school School 5363 Tilbury RdHuber HeightsOhioKG-545424
Menlo Park elementary School 5701 Rosebury DrHuber HeightsOhioKG-545424
Monticello elementary school School 6523 change RdHuber HeightsOhioKG-545424
Rushmore elementary School 7701 Berchman DrHuber HeightsOhioKG-545424
Studebaker middle School 5950 Longford RdHuber HeightsOhio6-845424
Titus elementary school School 7450 Taylorsville RdHuber HeightsOhioKG-545424
Valley forge Elementary School 7191 trojan Manor RdHuber HeightsOhioPK-545424
Wayne High School 5400 Chambersburg RdHuber HeightsOhio9-1245424
Weisenborn center School 6061 trojan PikeHuber HeightsOhio6-845424

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Online Map

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